Sunday, December 23, 2007

Still Sharpe, Pt. II

Here I'm just going to give a quick little update of what I've been up to. Harris, Hagman, and Tongue are just about completed, and here's a little sneak peak.

As a special little surprise for everyone, I've begun work on and nearly finished my Teresa figure. She made from some vampire assassin figure I picked up. She's a bit more buxom that Assumpta Serna was, or than I would like, but I figured this might be what she looked like in the 40k 'verse. What think ye?

And finally, the model I intend for use as Sharpe has come in! I'm still not sure whether I want to sculpt a shako on him, or have a hatless figure. I'm thinking of the latter, since it was often Sharpe wore a cap in the series, but then there were plenty of times he did, too. And the does that not say "Richard Sharpe?" Hehe.


dijit80 said...

Well Sharpes power sowrd has to be a 'butcher's weapon', so that huge power sword fits the bill fine.

Lord Whitlow said...

My thoughts exactly, hehe.