Thursday, December 6, 2007


As of last night, I've begun work on the first member of a team of sappers. My plan is for them to advance at the head of my force (they'll be a small detachment from the 77th Praetorian Engineers, by the by) and use them for various game objectives, such as holding bridges and whatnot.

He's a Praetorian bugler, minus the hands (I bought him for cheap on eBay some months back), and wears a Cadian knapsack. He has a shovel slung over one shoulder, and will ultimately hold a saw in his other hand. When it comes to close quarters, I figure he could use it just as a chain sword, hehe. I'm really pleased with how he looks right now, and I can't wait to see him and his future comrades in action.


Captain Steel said...

Looks good, I hope more work will be put into the hands soon? I too hope to have some sappers in my Praetorian army, a platoon of them with my regimental HQ.

dijit80 said...

He's lookign really good - plenty of attitude!

Lord Whitlow said...

Thanks chaps! And yes, Captain, more work will be put into the hand, hehe. It was just a temporary thing until I could find the time to work properly on it.