Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I believe an introduction is in order...

Hello, and welcome to my project blog. I be Lord Whitlow, the colonel of the 32nd Praetorian Foot. I've been into this little hobby since about May of this year, due in large part to a friend of mine who got me hooked. So here I am.

Quickly, here's a brief example of my work. That's Major M.B. Fletcher-Jones leading a small force of men on a recon mission behind enemy lines. He's a beheaded Praetorian sargeant, a Catachan head, and he carries a Warmachine pirate sword I had laying about. As of yet, he's the pride of my army.

And here we some stout wounded fellows from the 27th Foot, also known as the "Lousy Bastards." Wherever there is a bloody fight, you can be sure that the majority of the casualties of that of the ol' 27th. There has been more than one time that the 32nd has had to intercede on behalf of the Bastards.

And here's what I hope is to be the crown jewel in my force. It's a 40k version of Rifleman Cooper from the Sharpe film series! In the background of the second photo, you can catch a blurred glimpse of Rifleman Tongue (minus the hair). My goal is to ultimately make him and the rest of the Chosen Men, including Sharpe and Harper themselves.

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